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Royal Gorge to Wetmore – Day 27

Very relaxing morning at the Starlite Classic Campground. Thank you Sylvia and David! This place is a “must see” if you are anywhere near Royal Gorge.

Met a father and son team biking across country and biked with them into Canon City. Gene decided it was time to go “rural” – yes more rural than every other day. We biked thru the small towns of Rockvale, Williamsburg, and Coaldale, CO. Lots of rolling hills and head wind today so slow going.

When we arrived in the “town” of Wetmore, there were no services, as expected. There was one restaurant but it was only open on Friday and Saturday. Fortunately for us the “Day Family” was out watering their flowers and gave us a warm welcome to their community. They offered to let us camp at their community church and opened up the facilities to use. (1055 miles)

First teepees, now retro trailers….what’s next?
I didn’t want to leave20110703-104355.jpg
Gene really wanted to sleep here.
Poor butterfly
Next time thru we are upgrading
Hilly, windy, and rural




Thanks again to the Day Family
Gene’s new hobby – gardening20110703-112256.jpg


One response

  1. Gary and Shirley Berry

    It was a real blessing to get to meet you two this evening at McDonalds in Trenton Mo. Hope you have a safe and blessed trip the rest of you journey. I looked at your pic you have taken alone the way. What awesome things you have been able to see.
    God bless,
    Love Gary and Shirley Berry
    Trenton, Mo

    July 10, 2011 at 8:00 pm

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