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Archive for July 10, 2011

Hospitality in Bristol, CO – Day 31

Woke up to find we were camped below a large dam. Started to heat up early so we hurried to get on the road. I let Jenn be in charge of navigation and we ended up on a dirt/gravel road for the first 10 miles. Dirt road mixed with wind, heat and sunscreen make for a nice protective coating. (1242 miles)

Packing up camp



Had to be 100F + and this guy was walking to a town about 25 miles away and the wheels on his bag were busted.

This place brings in sludge (from sewage plants) from New York City for fertilizer. Met a farmer that swears by it. I’m growing my own food from now on.

Stopped to rest (and play) in the shade for a bit.

It’s wheat harvest time in East Colorado and West Kansas. Get used to seeing lots of pics of green and gold farm equipment, Jenn is fascinated by them.

Took a midday break from the heat and sun in the small town of Bristol. Thanks to our new friend Alex and the wonderful folks of Bristol United Methodist Church, our brief rest ended up including a potluck dinner, great company, a nice place to camp and even breakfast. Thanks to everyone that made this evening so special including Alex, Jessica, John, Cheyenne, James ‘Bub’ McGee and his wife, Leon, Pastor Kathy, Ted, Jay, Mike and everyone else! Hope to see you when we come through in September.


Not only is Alex a great BMX rider, he also plays a mean game of ping pong. He also has a way with words:
– “Why didn’t you just drive?” or
– “Do you guys have some nice clothes? We’re having a church barbecue and if you have some nice clothes you should come”. Thanks for being so persistent that we stay.

Earning my dinner


Learning about wheat farming




La Junta, CO to John Martin Reservoir State Park – Day 30

Jenn didn’t want to leave the Holiday Inn but we had to get back on the road to work off some of the food and booze we enjoyed for her birthday. (1196 miles)


Lucy’s Tacos is a great stop if you make it La Junta, CO. Thanks to Steve from Rocky Ford for the recommendation and the beer.

Ran into Jim Abbott walking from Tybee Island, GA to San Francisco an is raising money for and awareness of hunger. Check out his blog at

Eastern Colorado is quite a bit different than the Western half. Going to miss the mountains.


Jenn wouldn’t stop and put her thumb out for the requisite tourist photo

Tried to offer this guy a ride but he wanted no part of it.

When I suggested he get off the road so he didn’t get run over, he hissed and spit at me. Very rude!

Made it to the campground at John Martin Reservoir just before dark and just as Jenn started wiggin out. She doesn’t like to set up camp in the dark.