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Archive for July 17, 2011

Ellsworth to Salina, KS – Day 37

(1570 miles)
Left the fine town of Ellsworth, KS after a huge breakfast at the Ellsworth Steak House. We also had to stop at Alco to buy more of our favorite cookies (a bargain at 99 cents).

We weren’t too far up the road when my buddy (Tag) from the general store in Claflin found us. He said he was a bit worried about us and had been out looking for us all morning. He was disappointed in the short distance we had traveled…great sense of humor. I am so happy Tag found us and I feel like I have another Grandpa

Another day of looking for shade lead us into the Brookville Park. The town had no services but I had asked if I could use the facilities in the Brookville United Methodist Church. I was a bit taken back when I walked in the church and found there was a graduation party taking place. I was there not five seconds before they invited us in to have some food and drink. Congrats again to Emily on her graduation and thanks to her whole family for the great rest stop.

A few pics from the community of Brookville
<img src="" alt="20110717-104452.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"


Being July 2nd it is time to load up on fireworks

Bet it was nice in it’s day

I can only tell him so many times not to play by the tracks….


Gene keeps hoping a farmer will ask for his help.

These two streets are not supposed to cross?

While Gene was working at the local Salina pub (Rendevous Bar) we were told The Cozy Inn is the home of the original slider.

Sorry, but White Castle still gets my vote as Cozy’s doesn’t offer cheese!

This was our destination to camp but the threatening clouds and distant lightening encouraged us to take shelter in a local hotel. Not to mention the number of cars backed in and others doing laps in the park.


La Crosse to Ellsworth, KS – Day 36

It was still hot and all the locals were concerned about us but we were well rested and had plenty of water so we pedaled out of La Crosse by 8AM (early for us). I told Gene he could see the Barbed Wired Museum again when we drive thru in August.

We still had a strong crosswind but we were use to riding sideways on our bikes. Main sites today were bison and a few general stores to keep us fueled up especially ice and water. We turned NE late afternoon and it felt like someone put a motor on my bike. The wind was our friend those last 20 miles. (1527 miles)

It’s nice to see bison on the Great Plains again and they seem genuinely interested in us

At least it is flat out here in western Kansas…like a golden pool table


Still a bit toasty out here

Time to clean up a bit and Barber Kevin suggested we camp in his yard tonight

It got hotter!

The work never ends for Gene. This pool (Ellsworth, KS) received a top ranking for it’s temperature and tuning of it’s diving board.

Our accommodations for the evening

We finally made it…… – Day 35

to The Barbed Wire Museum!!! I think Gene’s been waiting his whole life to see this place.


Here’s just a small sample of the thrills found here. If you want to see all the other barbed wire samples you will need to wait until we get home. Gene captured just about everything and I think he’s planning a slideshow.

Not only did they have over 10,000 different types of barbed wire – they also had fence posts!!

I am actually amazed I ever got Gene out of here

As if that wasn’t enough, we also toured the Post Rock Museum!! Who needs Paris?

We had to be careful not to get anymore goatheads which meant NO biking in the grass.

After the museum tour it was nap time

After our nap we headed to the community pool – did I mention this was a rest day?
In Kansas Gene decided it was time to expand his responsibilities to help protect the locals. Now in addition to quality control at the local taverns, bars, and pubs he has added diving board inspection and testing of community pools.

I still get scared going down these slides

Gene back on tavern duty – his work never ends

Ensuring proper temperature
Put a lime in a Keystone Light and ‘presto’! it’s a Corona!

A beautiful Kansas sunset to end our perfect rest day