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La Crosse to Ellsworth, KS – Day 36

It was still hot and all the locals were concerned about us but we were well rested and had plenty of water so we pedaled out of La Crosse by 8AM (early for us). I told Gene he could see the Barbed Wired Museum again when we drive thru in August.

We still had a strong crosswind but we were use to riding sideways on our bikes. Main sites today were bison and a few general stores to keep us fueled up especially ice and water. We turned NE late afternoon and it felt like someone put a motor on my bike. The wind was our friend those last 20 miles. (1527 miles)

It’s nice to see bison on the Great Plains again and they seem genuinely interested in us

At least it is flat out here in western Kansas…like a golden pool table


Still a bit toasty out here

Time to clean up a bit and Barber Kevin suggested we camp in his yard tonight

It got hotter!

The work never ends for Gene. This pool (Ellsworth, KS) received a top ranking for it’s temperature and tuning of it’s diving board.

Our accommodations for the evening


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