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Atchison, KS to St. Joseph, MO – Day 43

Did we mention Atchison, KS gets the top rating for the hilliest town we have come across? We conquered a few more hills on the way out of town. We headed north on HWY 7 which also gets top billing for most dangerous road – narrow, no shoulder, and additional traffic due to bridge closure. It was not long before Gene navigated us to a back road…a road that turned out to be quite interesting.

We planned to cross the Missouri River at St. Joseph and time was of the essence as there was talk of levies breaking in this area. We saw the National Guard set up at several schools as we neared the river. My inquisitive guy talked to a few of the people in charge and they assured us the latest check on the levies pointed to “all good”.

I was exited to get to St. Joseph as it was not only a new state but family awaited us. We met Mark and Becky Reinig for dinner and a concert. We had a perfect evening to sit outside and enjoy the music and good conversation. (1838 miles)

Hated this road….

Ahhhh…a quiet country road

Wasn’t long before we ran into Vic Bear and his guys

Vic and his guys were moving things to higher ground in preparation for flooding. He took the time to show us his Diamond T which was made in Chicago

Vic warned us of the upcoming mud but we thought he was kidding

We have conquered mountains and steep hills and never walked our bikes, but this mud made us come to a complete stop.


And I push…. Can you see what I am thinking in this photo? Deep thoughts on relieving Gene of his navigation duties

Prepared for the worst


We ended up meeting Mark and Becky at "The Shop". They were good sports regarding our bar of choice. Thank you Mark and Becky for a great evening.



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