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Holton to Atchison, KS – Day 42

Believe it or not this is the first morning where rain delayed our start. We rested in our tent and packed up late morning during a break in the weather. Our destination today was Atchison, KS where we couch surfed for the second time. We were fortunate to time our hours on the bike right as we did not hit rain until we pedaled into Atchison.

Our host Kyle along with his brother Derek and parents Marsha and Ron gave us a warm welcome. We enjoyed dinner with the entire family and look so forward to the day we are able to pay it forward and open up our home to travelers.

We had thought about crossing the Missouri River at Atchison but found out the area is flooded so we will travel further North to cross into Missouri. (1796 miles).

Scenes from eastern, KS



The Atchison City Park under water

This bridge is closed as the river is four miles wide

Thanks again to Kyle and family for opening up your home to us. We also send a big congratulations on your marriage. We hope to see you and your bride in Idaho.


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