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Princeton, MO to Lake Rothbun, IA – Day 46

Woke up at the Princeton Fairgrounds and changed in my little yellow house. Enjoyed a great breakfast at Homemade Cafe. I went to pay and was informed Chris and Orville Trainer picked up our check. We had met Chris the night before for just a few moments….yet ANOTHER random act of kindness during our journey. A few unexpected stops today due to one of my tires leaking. Today was a huge day for us as we entered Iowa, put in a 70 mile day, and pedaled across mile 2000! A fabulous end to our day was the wonderful Lake Rothbun retreat. (2019 miles)

Loved my little yellow changing room

Another big thank you to our friends Chris and Orville20120218-090117.jpg

So happy I brought my mechanic with me….here he is patching my tire

And changing my tire…

Hello Iowa!

Hello 2000 miles!

Another hot and humid day..tempted to join them

Breathtaking sunset as we arrived at Lake Rothbun


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