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St. Joseph to Galliston, MO -Day 44

Another day of rolling hills and Gene had a tough time getting going today. I am pretty sure he is low on fuel even though he blames it on bad nights sleep at a hotel. We stopped in Clarksdale and caught part of a softball game and after traveling through Maysville and Weathersby we had a really nice rest stop at Flannery’s. Really happy the road flattened out late day! We were able to catch some racing at the track and a livestock show in Galliston. The livestock show ended after dark so we headed to the Sandman Hotel. Gene wanted snacks so he stopped off at Casey’s and pulled in 10 minutes later with a police escort. I guess they wanted to make sure he arrived at the Sandman safely. (1898 miles)


I wasn’t too happy to see this photo….I am busy falling and Gene has time to capture it?


This one made us laugh

Super cool the ladies working the gate let us check the race out for free:)

So you could camp at the livestock grounds but with a competition under way there was odor in the air….



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